The Funds Court issues its ruling in the case of Belqis Al-Haddad and orders the delivery of the victims’ money


Posted on June 7, 2023

Today, the Public Funds Court in the capital’s secretariat issued its ruling in the case of the so-called “Sultana Palace Group”, which holds 82 accused of fraud and defrauding 110,000 people during the period January 2016 – July 15, 2020 AD and a later date, through which they obtained sums of money estimated at 66 billion and 314 million and 405 thousand riyals.

In the session chaired by the President of the Court, Judge Sawsan Al-Houthi, and in the presence of the Public Prosecutor, Judge Mutahar Al-Jamra, member of the Public Prosecution, Judge Abdul Karim Al-Sheikh, and Secretary Ahmed Al-Khawlani, the ruling decided to convict the first defendant, Belqis Ali Ghaleb Al-Haddad, and Essa Ahmed Saeed Thabet Al-Salwi, of the charges attributed to them in the indictment and punishing them with ten years imprisonment, starting from the date of their arrest, and obliging them to hand over the amount of 27 billion and 729 million riyals.

The verdict also decided to convict nine others and punish them with imprisonment for ten years, 17 for seven years, two for three years, and eight for a year, with enforcement, and imprisonment for a year with a suspended sentence for 28 others, and the delivery of the sums of money approved by the court.

The ruling included the conviction of some of the cashiers involved in these incidents with financial penalties such as fines.

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