French Company Resumes Operations at Yemen’s Balhaf Gas Facility, Defying Sanaa’s Warnings Against Looting

The forces of aggression continue to exploit the ceasefire conditions that the Sana’a forces abide by, despite the other side’s ongoing pursuit of its colonial projects in Yemen. Saudi Arabia, the UAE, America, and France all exercise what they believe is the ability to ignore ceasefire requirements, which formally allows them to continue achieving their aggression objectives, objectives they have failed to achieve throughout the nine years of their criminal war.

For the aggressive countries, maintaining the ceasefire while not adhering to its requirements provides a conducive environment for continuing aggression and achieving their goals behind the scenes. This situation, Sana’a realizes, is not conducive to reaching fair peace. Nevertheless, it continues to exercise self-restraint so as not to be accused of missing peace opportunities and avoiding its unclear paths.

Informed sources in eastern Yemen have revealed suspicious movements by the French company “Total” at the Balhaf gas facility. Notably, this company had previously announced a suspension of its operations in the strategic facility in response to what it said was an insecure working environment in such circumstances. Those circumstances, observers know, are the warnings issued by the Sana’a forces to foreign companies, warning them against plundering Yemeni wealth.

The French company’s attempt to circumvent these warnings and try to resume work in the country’s largest economic facility confirms that the forces of aggression and those behind them have been affected by this ceasefire. The suitable environment for them is the war on this country, which allows them to loot its wealth and tamper with its seas, islands, and coasts.

It is also worth noting that this facility, which is supposed to be managed by one of the world’s largest oil companies, is partially under the control of the Emirati occupier. This confirms that the aggression on our country is not only Emirati and Saudi, but primarily Western and American.

Returning to the news of “Total” ignoring Sanaa’s warnings, sources indicated that the French company’s maintenance teams have started maintenance works at the Balhaf facility, including repairing transport and production lines. The sources added that these movements pave the way for the looting and exporting of liquefied gas from the facility, without the country benefiting from it.

According to the same sources, these movements are coordinated with the puppet government, which does not object to the plundering of Yemeni wealth as long as the balances of its leaders in Gulf and Western banks rise, even if it is at the expense of besieging this people and their right to life.

Observers believe that this reckless step could push Sana’a to a decisive response, similar to the warning sorties carried out by the drone air force in Al-Dabba Port and other occupied ports. Sana’a has the ability to stop these suspicious movements, but the timing is always chosen by the Yemeni army leadership, which has proven its mettle in this field.

The complicity of the mercenary government with foreign companies, colonial powers, and invading forces despite reports confirming the dire economic situation in cities under its administration proves that these people have never been and will never be statesmen. Rather, they are a group of thieves and mercenaries who have been elevated by fate to where they do not deserve.

The American, French, Emirati, and Saudi may think that the truce adhered to by Sana’a will prevent it from cutting off the hands that are looting Yemeni wealth. However, the facts on the ground confirm otherwise.

The continued aggression of invading forces against Yemeni islands, territorial waters, and the ongoing looting of wealth will inevitably spell the end of this fragile truce. The Yemeni people will never accept the ongoing repercussions and effects of war in our country while the capitals of aggression live in stability and prosperity.

Regional security is an interconnected proportional equation. Attempting to separate its elements while maintaining the effects of aggression against us, as invading forces shirk all commitments to this country, is doomed to fail. What the aggressors failed to achieve in nine years of war will not be wrested from us in the name of the mirage of peace.

قد يعجبك ايضا