UN World Food Program Official Assassinated in Taiz

In an alarming escalation of violence in Yemen, unknown gunmen linked to the aggressors’ mercenaries have reportedly assassinated a high-ranking official from the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) in the city of Turbah, Taiz. The city is currently under the control of the Reform Party militia(Islah party).

Media sources have confirmed that the assailants opened fire on the Jordanian national, Moayed Said Hamidi, the head of the WFP team, while he was having lunch in a restaurant in Turbah after Friday prayers. He was on his way to Taiz for humanitarian and relief purposes.

This unfortunate incident took place shortly after global organizations had approved the opening of an official office to organize their humanitarian interventions. The occupied regions have been witnessing chaos, assassinations, bombings, kidnappings, arrests, decline in services, health, education, collapse of the local currency, rising prices, and a complete economic paralysis.

The United Nations WFP expressed its sorrow over the killing of one of its employees by gunmen in Turbah, which is under the control of the Saudi-American coalition. The representative of the WFP and the Country Director in Yemen said, “The loss of our colleague is a deep tragedy for us and the humanitarian community as a whole.”

Mohamed Abdulsalam, the head of the national delegation, condemned the assassination of the head of the WFP team by unknown gunmen in areas controlled by the aggressors’ mercenaries in Taiz. In a tweet, Abdulalam condemned the crime, citing the security chaos and the deteriorating economic situation in the regions under the control of the mercenaries as evidence of the aggressors’ intent to exhaust the Yemeni citizen and distract them from caring about their country’s fate, sovereignty, and independence.

The Human Rights Office in Taiz governorate also condemned the assassination of the WFP office director, Moayed Hamidi. The Human Rights Office in Taiz expressed its deep concern about the escalating security chaos and its impact on the humanitarian situation in the areas under the control of the aggressor coalition states.

Violations and crimes committed in the areas of control of the aggressor forces and mercenaries, the latest of which was the assassination of the director of the WFP office in Turbah by gunmen on a motorcycle after Friday prayers, were strongly condemned. The gunmen fired a barrage of bullets at him, leading to his death.

The Human Rights Office statement vehemently condemned this organized crime against a humanitarian worker, as well as the ongoing murders and physical liquidations in areas under the control of the aggressor coalition forces and their tools. The statement held the aggressor coalition and its mercenaries criminally, legally, and morally responsible for this crime. It called on local and international organizations concerned with human rights to monitor, document, condemn this crime, and to pursue the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

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