Yemeni President Issues New Warnings, Sets Course for Future Deterrence

In a striking announcement, Yemeni President Mahdi Mashat on Sunday, issued fresh warnings and messages to American, Saudi and Emirati forces involved in the aggression against Yemen. The president declared that future deterrence trajectories will target enemies in the occupied Yemeni islands, alongside important service-building trajectories to counter enemy plans aimed at perpetuating deprivation and ignorance.

Asserting Sovereignty Over Yemeni Islands: The Future Deterrence Trajectory

The new warnings issued by President Mashat were delivered during a visit to Mahweet Governorate, where he declared that upcoming days will witness the development of Yemen’s military arsenal. Furthermore, future experiments will be conducted on some Yemeni islands.

This announcement has the potential to disrupt the calculations of the aggressor forces, their patrons and mercenaries, as it clearly and precisely demonstrates Sanaa’s determination to prepare strategic deterrence trajectories. These trajectories challenge the aggressor’s hopes of maintaining the current state of neither peace nor war. It is evident that the enemies heavily rely on the status quo to tighten their control over Yemeni territories and islands, within a broader scheme of plans and conspiracies.

However, the arrival of Yemeni armed forces on the islands will demolish these plans and conspiracies entirely. This development will open up broad and impactful military work trajectories, which will not only shatter the enemies’ hopes but also introduce new equations altering power balances in the region. This is a region where they strive to assert their control through a presence in the Yemeni islands.

The mere announcement of this trajectory is a pre-emptive strike against enemy conspiracies and plans. It signifies that any foreign forces present on any Yemeni island have now become legitimate targets for the Yemeni armed forces.

Building Trajectories to Combat Deprivation and Suffering

President Mashat’s deterrent and warning messages were accompanied by an important announcement concerning multiple service trajectories. These trajectories are expected to have an impact equal to that of the deterrence trajectories. The President confirmed that periods of de-escalation will be best utilized to “reconstruct the land and provide services to the people in all areas, and to build and protect the generations from enemy conspiracies”.

President Mashat stated that service work trajectories are part of the confrontation with the enemy. This confrontation “is not confined to military war”, indicating that Yemen today wages a willful war against aggression, titled “ignorance, hunger, poverty, and deprivation”. He assured that “it is people of Yemen who will triumph over this confrontation”.

The President pointed out that the enemy attempts to hinder the building trajectory through misleading propaganda, which is circulated to deceive public opinion and distort facts. He indicated that such behavior “signifies bankruptcy” and translates “the enemy’s lack of confrontation weapons”.

Educational Initiatives in Mahweet

In line with the building process and confronting the deprivation imposed by the aggression, President Mashat announced the launch of several projects in Mahweet Governorate, confirming that “the Central Intervention Unit will involve the governorate’s citizens in 214 projects”.

The President announced the Ministry of Finance’s decision to endorse ten schools for the governorate and renovate numerous existing schools, in addition to presenting projects to the medical college. He confirmed that “the Intervention Unit is working in the governorate without a ceiling”.

He further clarified that the focus on the education sector comes from a responsibility not to leave the new generation at the mercy of the enemy, who strives to obstruct this trajectory by all means.

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