Impressive Display of Military Might Marks Special Forces Graduation in Marib Governorate [Pictures]

Yesterday, the Central Military Region in Marib Governorate was the scene of an awe-inspiring military display. The event showcased a live ammunition military exercise featuring light, medium, and heavy weapons, with airborne support and paratrooper descent from the newly graduated “First Batch Special” of the Republican Guard forces and Central Military Region’s special forces.

The exercise demonstrated the forces’ ability to shell hypothetical enemy positions and encircle them via parachute landing. Defense Minister Major General Mohammed Nasser Al-Atifi emphasized that these highly-trained forces symbolize a strong pillar in bolstering the Yemeni military republic’s capabilities, preparing it for current and future challenges.

“Our armed forces have become a formidable presence in the region, thanks to their training, armament, and readiness,” Al-Atifi said. He credited their achievements to divine assistance, the unwavering support of the revolution’s leader, Sayyid Al-Alam Abdul-Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, and the Yemeni people.

He further articulated that the Yemeni armed forces are strategically poised to control tools, means, and methods that promote qualitative leaps, professionalism, and combat readiness. Al-Atifi underlined the importance of military training, enhancing military industries, and developing the strategic deterrent force component to ensure national sovereignty.

“The Yemeni leadership and army are in a state of de-escalation, prepared for peace while firmly holding the weapon of deterrence,” added Al-Atifi. He emphasized that power and might are the cornerstones of a dignified peace, pointing to the emerging prospects for détente as the Saudi-led aggressive forces realize that peace originates in Sana’a.

Al-Atifi also stressed the revolutionary leadership’s positive stance towards peace-making efforts, aiming to establish a comprehensive and just peace. He categorically rejected any attempts at stalling by the aggressor and reiterated the need to uphold the Yemeni people’s rights and demands.

The defense minister also highlighted the challenges posed by American and British intervention, accusing them of obstructing peace efforts, particularly concerning the humanitarian file. He critically noted their contradictory talk of peace while acting in opposition, a tactic he claims is now exposed and defeated.

Al-Atifi addressed the Saudi and Emirati-led aggressive coalition, emphasizing that their nations’ interests and prosperity lie in cooperation, solidarity, and unified stance on vital issues. He warned the aggressive coalition about their reliance on the US and Britain, predicting their eventual collapse and failure.

“No sanctuary exists for the aggressors from the wrath of the Yemeni people and their heroic Mujahideen,” stated Al-Atifi, asserting their ability to impose robust and effective conflict standards. He lauded the graduates for their acquired skills, which he believes will bolster the armed forces’ development.

In conclusion, the Minister of Defense honored the top graduates, presenting their certificates. Major General Hassan Al-Qutrafi, the Chief of Staff of the 63rd Republican Guard, praised the graduates for their qualitative military skills, which affirm the military and political leadership’s interest in developing the armed forces. The event ended with an expressive poem delivered by the poet Amin Al-Joufi.

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