Minister of Defense Affirms Yemeni Army’s Ability to Liberate All Occupied Territories and Thwart Colonial Agendas

Major General Mohammed Nasser Al-Atifi, the Minister of Defense, has affirmed that the Yemeni armed forces, supported by divine guidance and the unwavering unity of the Yemeni people, are committed to liberating all occupied Yemeni lands from the clutches of invaders and their collaborators.

During his visit to various units of the 4th Military Region stationed in Taiz governorate’s Maqbanah, Al-Mukha, Al-Barah, Muzah, and Jabal Habashi directorates on Monday, Major General Al-Atifi declared, “No force will impede our path to liberating Yemen. It is our legitimate and legal right. The United States and Britain must cease their relentless push for escalation among the countries in the Saudi-led aggression coalition, and instead, they should compel them to withdraw from this absurd and brutal war; otherwise, the entire world will suffer the consequences.”

He further stated, “There are occupied territories in our coastal waters, including the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean adjacent waters, but we will reclaim them.”

Emphasizing their preference for peace, Major General Al-Atifi asserted that Yemen upholds righteousness and wisdom in seeking a peaceful resolution but will not surrender. He added, “If the aggressor genuinely desires peace, we welcome it. However, if they opt for further escalation, we will liberate Yemen through the might of our rifles, cannons, rockets, drones, and the organized Yemeni armed forces, all supported by divine guidance and the people’s unwavering determination.”

The Minister of Defense highlighted that numerous countries worldwide have dispatched their fleets to the Bab al-Mandab strait and Yemeni territorial waters, ostensibly to combat terrorism and piracy. However, he clarified that these forces arrived to safeguard the fading Zionist enemy, protect their own interests, occupy Yemeni lands, plunder its resources, and subject the Yemeni people to humiliation in the occupied regions.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the continued support of the Zionist enemy by the United States, Britain, France, and other Western nations has tainted their reputation, harmed their interests, and will ultimately pose a threat to their regional interests.

Major General Al-Atifi directed a message to the countries comprising the aggression coalition, which are present in Yemen’s waters, islands, and territories, stating, “You came to serve the Zionist entity and support it. There is nothing that binds you to it, but there are many historical connections between us. However, your connection with this entity is merely through normalization, shame, and disgrace. Fulfill the agreements and conditions set by Sana’a, unless you wish to face defeat.”

“If the aggression continues to escalate, its losses will be significant, and the price will be exorbitant and unimaginable. We possess the capabilities and military capacities to achieve great victories,” he added.

The Minister of Defense revealed that the armed forces have procured new equipment and weapons, which will be announced at the appropriate time by the military leadership.

Addressing the countries of aggression, he asserted, “If you genuinely seek peace, Yemen is a nation of peace. However, if you desire war, Yemen possesses brave men, and the battlefield will be the testament to their valor. You have witnessed and experienced the bravery of our men.”

He added, “The financial and media empires of the aggression coalition countries, coupled with their alignment with the Zionist enemy, have worked to prolong the existence of this transient entity, which should have been eliminated long ago.”

The minister continued, “Western countries and the Zionist entity have devised plans known to the countries in the aggression coalition that aim to divide and destabilize Arab nations. They have already set their sights on Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Libya, and Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries will soon face the same fate.”

He also warned the countries of aggression, stating, “Preserving Yemen’s strength and unity is in your best interest and ensures your survival. The conspiracy against Yemen will inevitably backfire on you, and you will reap nothing but losses.”

The Minister of Defense commended the steadfastness and resilience displayed by the frontline troops and their remarkable achievements in defending the Yemeni people.

Concluding his speech, the Minister of Defense expressed his deep honor to be in Taiz today with the solderis of the Yemeni Armed Forces, praising the loyal people of Taiz who have thwarted the aggression’s attempts to occupy their city.

Commander of the 33rd Armored Brigade Major General Talal Al-Shamiri, Commander of the 7th Samaad Brigade Major General Islam Al-Bahri, and other prominent figures expressed their pride in the visit of the Defense Ministry leadership and the Major General.

Minister of Defense Staff Lieutenant General Muhammad Nasser Al-Atifi has reiterated the unwavering commitment of the Yemeni armed forces to liberate all occupied Yemeni lands from the clutches of invaders and their collaborators, with the support of divine guidance and the united Yemeni people.

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