The head of the national delegation arrives in Sana’a, accompanied by the Omani delegation

He confirms that the fate of the negotiation process depends on the implementation of the humanitarian provisions

Posted on August 17, 2023
Ansarollah website – Sana’a

The head of the national negotiating delegation, Muhammad Abdul Salam, arrived today, Thursday, accompanied by the Omani delegation, to consult with the leadership, assess the stage, and resume the negotiating process, foremost of which is the treatment of humanitarian files.

The head of the national delegation, Muhammad Abdul Salam, said in a statement that the visit of the Omani delegation to the capital, Sana’a, comes within the context of the Omani mediation efforts to revive the negotiating process and evaluate the stage. .

Abdulsalam said: During the visit, we will conduct consultations with the leadership to revive the negotiating process within a clear vision that addresses the most urgent humanitarian files and affects every Yemeni citizenbbecause we want the picture to be clear. So, we will conduct intensive consultations during this visit to build a clear vision for the next stage to start reviving a political process that begins with humanitarian files which are most urgent and affecting every citizen.

He stressed that if the negotiation process does not begin to implement the humanitarian provisions, it is not possible to build on the positive intentions of the other party. He explained that it is necessary to start improving the situation of the airport and ports and removing many restrictions because the blockade is still in place at all levels.

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