New York Times: Washington Knew About Saudi Crimes Against Migrants on Yemeni Border

According to a report published by the American newspaper “New York Times,” Washington was aware of the brutal crimes committed and still being committed by the Saudi regime against migrants on the Yemeni border. However, the United States deliberately did not raise this issue to cover up those crimes.

The report states that American diplomats were aware of the details and information about the Saudi forces firing at African migrants on the Yemeni border and bombing them. This led to the killing and wounding of large numbers of them, in addition to mistreating them.

The organization “Human Rights Watch” published a lengthy report a few days ago revealing that migrants on the Yemeni-Saudi border were subjected to various brutal crimes and violations by Saudi enemy forces during 15 months until last June. The organization’s report was based on testimonies from victims and their companions, in addition to photos, videos, and satellite images.

Migrants told the organization that Saudi soldiers were asking them whether they preferred to be shot in the arm or leg, while a boy said that soldiers forced him to rape two girls in front of them.

The newspaper quoted officials and informed people as saying that the United Nations also knew and provided the United States with all information about these crimes and violations. The report confirmed that American officials chose not to talk about those crimes during the past period.

The report quoted sources present at meetings between UN officials and American diplomats as saying that Stephen Fagan, the US ambassador to Yemen, was among those who received information and details about Saudi crimes against migrants. The newspaper added that other diplomats from France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, and the European Union were aware of the details.

The report quoted medical sources close to the Yemeni-Saudi border as saying that crimes against migrants are committed daily, and hospitals receive between four to five cases daily, including women and children.

American officials claimed a few days ago that they had spoken to Saudi Arabia about those crimes, but the newspaper clarified that “human rights violations, no matter how serious, are rarely given priority when diplomats (Americans) deal with their wealthy partners such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

This information clearly confirms the direct responsibility of the United States of America and Western powers for the continuation of crimes and violations by the Saudi regime. This blows up all Western claims and propaganda about human rights and achieving peace.

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