Germany Cancels Saudi Border Forces Training Program

The German Ministry of the Interior has announced the cancellation of a program to train Saudi border forces. This decision comes after reports of the Saudi forces’ involvement in the mass murder of migrants and asylum seekers on the Saudi-Yemeni border, including women and children.

According to a statement sent to the British newspaper The Guardian, the German Interior Ministry explained that this decision was made due to its desire not to participate in potential human rights crimes if cooperation with these forces continued. The ministry stated that the training being conducted by the Federal Police Service for Saudi border forces “was stopped after reports of serious human rights violations appeared, and as a precautionary measure, the Saudi forces are no longer included in the current training.”

The statement added: “We did not issue any instructions or provide training by the Federal Police for the Saudi Border Guard in the border region between Saudi Arabia and Yemen at any time.”

The German statement comes in the wake of a report by Human Rights Watch on August 21st, which revealed that the Saudi army (border guard forces) killed hundreds of people from African migrants, mostly from Ethiopia, who tried to cross the border between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

The Guardian newspaper revealed yesterday that the Saudi border guard forces involved in killing hundreds of people who tried to cross the Yemeni-Saudi border received training from Germany and the United States. It is worth mentioning that the United States of America tried to evade responsibility for killing hundreds of migrants on the Yemeni-Saudi border, holding its ally Saudi Arabia fully responsible for these crimes.

The US State Department claimed that the land border guards involved in the crimes did not receive any funding or training from the US government, while The Guardian’s report proves the falsehood of American claims. Meanwhile, a report by The New York Times confirmed that Washington was aware of the brutal crimes committed and is still being committed by the Saudi regime against migrants on the Yemeni border.

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