Muhammed Abdulsalam: Peace Is First Choice Being Worked on in Negotiations

The head of the national Delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, confirmed Friday that peace is the first choice that is being worked on in negotiations with Saudi-led aggression.

Abdulsalam said in press statements: “We hope that the negotiations with Riyadh will show progress on the humanitarian issues.”

He added: Our discussions in Riyadh come in the same context of previous ones that took place with the Saudi delegation in Muscat and Sanaa.

The National Delegation, accompanied by the Omani Mediation Delegation, left the capital, Sanaa, Thursday evening, for Riyadh on a private Omani plane, to complete the negotiating rounds.

The head of the National Delegation, Muhammed Abdulsalam, emphasized that the humanitarian issue is the top issue that the National Delegation is working on, including disbursing the salaries of all state employees, opening the airport and ports, and releasing all prisoners and detainees.

He added: “Among the issues we are working on are the exit of foreign forces and the reconstruction of Yemen to reach a comprehensive political solution.”

Abdulsalam pointed out that discussions on the humanitarian issues are an essential task for the National Delegation in negotiating with the Saudi side, the aggression countries, and the international community.

Abdulsalam also stressed that the National Delegation is working to obtain the just rights of Yemeni People, and to reach solutions to end the current de-escalation situation that does not represent stability and does not address the humanitarian needs of Yemeni People.

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