First Time Since 2015: Yemeni Armed Forces Display Advanced Capabilities Amid Celebrations

In an extraordinary display of military strength, the Yemeni armed forces have unveiled a series of surprises that have left both observers and residents of the capital, Sana’a, in awe. This remarkable event aligns with the celebrations of the 21st and 26th of September revolutions and the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday.

For the first time since the onset of aggression in 2015, Yemeni warplanes, specifically US-made F5 fighters, were observed soaring in the skies of Sana’a during the military parade that took place last Thursday. Accompanied by several military helicopters, this marked a significant advancement in Yemen’s military capabilities.

This unexpected display is seen as an indication of the substantial progress that the Yemeni army has made during these challenging times. The event coincides with Yemen’s celebrations of the revolutions on September 21 and 26, as well as the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday. Last Thursday, Yemen’s capital witnessed its largest and strongest military parade to date, with these fighter jets participating for the first time during the war.

Contrary to previous claims made by the aggression coalition in Yemen, which stated that all military arsenals, including warplanes, had been destroyed, Yemen’s military helicopters have not only returned to the skies but have also participated in qualitative military parades.

Last year’s September 21 revolution celebrations witnessed massive and qualitative military parades that revealed new weapons. This year’s military parade was even more impressive, indicating that Yemen is becoming stronger militarily each year.

This development sends a potent message to the countries involved in the aggression, particularly Saudi Arabia. It signifies that the Yemeni armed forces now possess diverse and advanced capabilities that will play a crucial role in their ongoing battle for liberation and independence. This revelation underscores the urgency for these forces to consider a fair peace option to avoid potential escalation.

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