The Leader of the Revolution congratulates the Yemeni people and the Islamic nation on the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday and calls for the largest celebrations on the occasion

Published on September 26, 2023

Ansarollah website – Sana’a

The Leader of the Revolution, Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, extended his congratulations and blessings to the dear Muslim people of Yemen and the Islamic nation on the occasion of the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday. The leader said in his speech this evening, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday: Our people react to the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday in a way that befits them and at the level of its importance and greatness, as it is the greatest of all occasions.

He pointed out that the occasion of the honorable birth of the Prophet connects us with our greatest symbol, which is the Messenger of God. It strengthens our connection with Islam and the Qur’an and enhances awareness.

The Leader of the Revolution expressed his hope that the presence of the Yemeni people on the day commemorating the Prophet’s Birthday tomorrow will be as great as in previous years. He pointed out that the extent of interaction with the occasion of the Prophet’s Birthday reinforces the hope in our people that they are qualified to present the distinguished model in their faith affiliation and loyalty to the Messenger.

Sayyed. Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi explained that Muslims are in dire need of strengthening their connection to the Messenger of God and the Qur’an, as they face the great danger of subordination to the enemies of Islam. He pointed out that the movement of the Jewish-Zionist lobby in the world, whose arms are America, Israel, and some European regimes, and their followers, is to contain and infiltrate Muslims.

He added that the enemies have reached the point of interfering in the school curricula of Arab and Islamic countries, including Saudi Arabia, which has opened the way to delete Qur’anic verses from its curricula because the Jews resent them, indicating that with time the influence in changing concepts, beliefs, and cultures increases such that it makes people’s affiliation to Islam a formal affiliation without the vision of Islam in matters of modesty.

The Commander stated that the soft war aims to control the nation in various fields, and the nation needs to be cohesive and move towards regaining its leadership role in the world, stressing that by restoring its relationship with the Messenger and the Qur’an and sincerely returning to the Qur’an, the nation can regain its freedom and dignity and be liberated from all forms of corruption and dependency.

He pointed out that the problem of many politicians and cultural figures is the wrong view towards the Qur’an and the Messenger, a view that was tinged with darkness and made their relationship limited to rituals of worship, explaining that a view limited to rituals is not the correct view towards the Messenger and the Holy Qur’an, as it must be coupled with guidance and work.

The leader of the revolution said: The basic mission of the divine message and the movement of the Great Messenger is to bring people out of darkness into the light in a global message that possesses sufficient guidance to ensure the guidance of all human societies. The Messenger prepared the way for human society to follow the straight and clear path of God, through which it reaches great goals and great goals.

He added: If a person is not connected to the divine light, then he is in a state of darkness.

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