Yemen Celebrates Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday Amidst Challenges (Report)

On a blessed day, the birthday of the greatest creation of Allah, Mohammed bin Abdullah, millions of Yemeni people gathered in dozens of squares in a massive and crowded rallies. Despite the size of the suffering, the difficulty of transportation, the severity of the siege, and the comprehensive damage caused by the American-Saudi aggression to the country, and despite the unprecedented misleading media war, all of this did not deter our people from this great presence.

The people celebrated in all its free regions as befits the greatness of the memory of the Prophet’s birthday. They told the whole world that their motivation in their great interaction with this occasion is a faith-driven one. They have deliberately identified their faith with their pure blood and great sacrifices. They told all tyrants of the earth and criminals of the world that they are a people who sanctify their freedom; because it is part of their faith, and they refuse to submit to all arrogant; because they draw their steadfastness from the greatest leader known to history, and the holiest teacher and role model for humanity; The Messenger of Allah and the seal of His prophets Mohammed.

This high spirit, this great interaction, and this vitality present a powerful image of our steadfast people who take pride in their faith. Despite the forces of evil, tyranny, and arrogance attempting to suppress them, they fail to extinguish this vitality or break their will. Our people refuse to be humiliated or submissive, no matter the magnitude of the aggression or the level of sacrifices required. They remain steadfast, standing tall, and actively present wherever their presence is required – on the fronts, in the squares, and during occasions.

Seventy Square in Sana’a, despite its large area, seemed small in the presence of the noble Prophet. Crowds flocked to it from all directions until you think it is Judgment Day. Everyone is present and their hearts are longing to express their love, magnification, and respect for the Prophet of Mercy Mohammed bin Abdullah may Allah bless him and his family.

The voices are humble drawing inspiration from the biography of the Prophet and what he faced from difficulties and challenges and how he was able to overcome them. This supports us in facing arrogant forces that do not differ from those who stood against the Prophet and fought him with all their might.

Since early afternoon hours, all entrances to Sana’a witnessed queues of cars carrying thousands of guests of Allah’s Messenger may Allah bless him and his family. They were keen to attend early to Seventy Square to celebrate this great religious occasion. Meanwhile, residents of Sana’a headed towards the largest Mohammed festival square individually, in groups or riding horses overwhelmed by sincere faith feelings driven by strong attachment to their Prophet.

During a time when organizational committees were spread across all entrances to Sana’a, they worked on facilitating the flow of people towards the celebration square. This resulted in a unique scene that reflected the authenticity and wisdom of the Yemenis, descendants of Aws and Khazraj, as they gathered to honor Mohammed.

In between million crowds there was a white space where Prophet Mohammed’s name was written in green color everyone gathered around it chanting loudly “We are at your service O Messenger Allah”.

Before the grand event of the Mohammed festival was launched, the crowds continued to chant slogans disavowing the enemies of Allah. They expressed their joy for the birth anniversary of the best creature, Master Mohammed, may Allah bless him and his family. The descendants of the Ansar chanted songs of praise, welcoming Allah’s Messenger in the same manner their ancestors, Aws and Khazraj, welcomed him in Madina. They echoed the sentiment, “The full moon rose over us from Thaniyat Al-Wadaa’. We owe it to show gratefulness where thanks is due for Allah’s call.”

The crowds raised banners, affirming the greatness of this occasion. They pledged their loyalty to Allah and His Messenger, insisting on following the Quranic-Mohammed approach when facing the enemies of their nation and Islam. They confronted any attempts to offend the great Messenger and pointed out that the enemies’ attempts to separate the nation from its Prophet will only increase their adherence to the approach of the honorable Messenger Mohammed, may Allah bless him.

Our Yemeni people are at the forefront among the sons of the Islamic nation in their celebration and interest in the memory of Mohammed’s birthday. They have made it a mobilizing station to enhance loyalty for Mohammed, may Allah bless him, as well as to consolidate Islamic concepts brought by him from Allah. They urge imitation of Mohammed, may Allah bless him, as well as gaining knowledge about his blessed career in his movement with the divine message.

Moreover, Yemenis take pride in distinguishing themselves by interacting with Mohammed’s birthday memory; because it is a testament to their faith. They inherit principles of truth, adhering to noble morals, adorning themselves with good spirit, carrying love, reverence, and respect for Mohammed, may Allah bless him. The efforts and attempts of dark misguided forces have not succeeded in changing this good lineage and original affiliation.

Also, our people’s suffering from the brutal and unjust American-Saudi aggression did not deter them from celebrating this memory. This occasion connects us with it and the flame of faith, events, and challenges increase its importance. It is a giving occasion, rich with the most important lessons we need today. We benefit from it in correcting our situation, reforming our reality, and facing dangers after problems have escalated due to forces of tyranny, arrogance, darkness, and injustice seeking corruption on earth and filling it with injustice and oppression.

The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him, was able to bring about a significant change through his movement with Allah’s message and his profound guidance during a time of ignorance and a dark global situation. His impact was transformative, altering the course of the world and reshaping history. He provided compelling evidence of Islam’s profound influence on life.

His teachings first transformed the reality of the Arab society, which was illiterate and ignorant, immersed in polytheism, disbelief, idolatry, and superstition. This society was characterized by division, dispersion, conflict, and a lack of values and morals. However, it was transformed into a nation dominated by righteousness, goodness, justice, and truth.

This nation carries Allah’s message to the world and strives for the sake of Allah. It is a united, strong, proud nation with a sacred project – life itself. It has a noble cause and plays a constructive civilizational role. Not only that, but it reforms the land according to Allah’s commands and forbids evil, corruption, and injustice.

Radical Change

From this standpoint, Sayyid Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi took advantage of the occasion to announce the launch of a stage for radical change to build a strong capable Yemeni state capable of facing challenges and difficulties.

In his speech before millions of people, Sayyid al-Houthi announced the first stage of a radical change. This change is represented by reshaping the government into a competent body that embodies a national partnership. The aim is to correct policies and work methods in a way that serves the people.

He emphasized that the initial phases of radical change, aimed at establishing a capable government, involve rectifying the judicial system, addressing imbalances, fostering a pool of qualified Islamic scholars and university specialists, and streamlining the case resolution process. He reiterated their commitment to closely monitor the entire process of radical change until the first stage is successfully completed. Their unwavering dedication is evident in their efforts to ensure a fair environment, offer sincere guidance, and provide wise support to their people, whom they relentlessly strive to serve.

Sayyid affirmed the adherence to the national partnership, the Islamic concept of Shura, the unity of the Yemeni people, and the general concept of responsibility where roles are integrated.

Sayyid explained that the Yemeni people, by celebrating the great birth of the Prophet, announce to the whole world their adherence to the divine message and their deep-rooted faith. Their approach is the Holy Quran, following the honorable Messenger as a role model and leader. He pointed out that the path to radical change and reform of state institutions depends on the faith identity of the people, illuminated by the light of Allah and following the honorable Messenger.

Sayyid said: Our dear people have suffered greatly over decades due to injustice, deprivation, and a lack of a civilizational project as a result of external conspiracies and agents inside. He explained that one of the goals of aggression is to prevent any correction in building the country on the basis of its faith identity and achieving independence and freedom. The country has been ruled by foreign guardianship and has been submissive to the Gulf initiative.


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