Yemen’s Commitment to Peace: A Call for End to Aggression

Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, has once again emphasized its earnest commitment to achieving a just and comprehensive peace. The city has underscored the importance of ending the current situation, where the American-Saudi-Emirati aggression continues its procrastination and military violations on the ground.

In a recent statement to Reuters, Mohammed Abdul Salam, the head of the national delegation and spokesman for Ansar Allah, stressed the importance of entering a serious peace phase. He called for a complete halt to violations from all parties and for the requirements of comprehensive and fair peace to be met.

Abdul Salam’s statement came in response to a report issued by the aggression coalition. The report spoke about the fall of several Bahraini and Saudi soldiers, killed and wounded at one of the enemy’s sites on the Saudi-Yemeni border. The attack was allegedly carried out by a Yemeni drone.

Sana’a neither confirmed nor denied what was stated in the coalition’s statement. However, Abdul Salam clarified that the military violations by the aggression countries on the border have not ceased. He confirmed that 12 Yemeni soldiers were martyred by enemy forces on the Saudi-Yemeni border during last month alone.

Since the beginning of reducing military escalation in April 2022, artillery shelling operations by enemy forces on Yemeni border areas in Saada governorate have not stopped. Statistics indicate that more than 2,220 people have fallen between dead and wounded, including children and women; due to these aggressive operations since early 2023 until early August.

The aggression coalition has returned to its old behavior in an attempt to blackmail Sana’a through issuing regional and international condemnations regarding what it talked about falling soldiers belonging to it killed and wounded. It also tried to recycle its old lies about “the flow of arms” to Yemen from abroad.

This method reflects a clear insistence on the part of Saudi Arabia on evasion, deception, and return to old papers; which contradicts completely with the contents of negotiation movement aimed at overcoming this stage.

For this reason, the head of the national delegation responded, emphasizing the necessity to enter into a peace process that ensures a complete end to confrontations. This is a clear indication that the countries involved in the aggression are required to respond to the requirements for exiting the current fragile situation where violations continue. This is because it is impossible to stabilize the ceasefire as required while Saudi bombing continues on border areas, and the siege persists.

The message sent by head of national delegation in his brief statement to “Reuters”, came after strong messages directed by President Mashat in his speech on eve of September 26 revolution anniversary. He announced “innocence from any setback in negotiations and from all consequences of procrastination”, which is a clear warning that current opportunity for solution may be last one. Any failure will lead to entering new confrontation stage where aggression countries bear full responsibility.

President Mashat was keen to confirm this through clearly defining requirements for solution. He stressed on “necessity to rush an immediate end to siege and quickly engage in confidence-building measures on humanitarian and economic sides. At forefront of these measures are full opening of airports and ports and payment of salaries”.

This confirmation demonstrates that the aggression coalition no longer has any justification for procrastination and delay. Instead of attempting to prolong the current situation, they should start implementing the defined steps which have been sufficiently discussed and are now completely clear. Sana’a has shown complete positivity for more than a year and a half in order to pave this way. The countries involved in the aggression now only need to “abandon hostile strategies and practices, and move towards an atmosphere of peace and dialogue, leading to fair solutions,” according to the president’s description.

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