Affairs of the families of workers in the capital secretariat provide the convoy of the Great Prophet


Posted on October 1, 2023

Ansarollah website – Sana’a


Today, Sunday, the Department of Workers’ Families Affairs in the Capital Secretariat conducted the sixth consecutive convoy of cash and gold and silver jewelry that the women paraded in joy and celebration of the spring of Muhammad’s anniversary,the best prayers be upon him and his family, and the delivery was completed under the slogan (The Greatest Messenger’s Caravan) at the conclusion of the activities and celebrations on the occasion.


The participants indicated that the convoy was collected from community spending, from the spending of believing women, and from the proceeds of small projects that the females carried out in the department, such as mini-projects, including  Al-Tabqa Charitable Project.


During the conduct of the convoy, many paragraphs and words were delivered expressing the greatness of the occasion and the importance of spending for the sake of God during this stage in which the Yemeni people are facing the most severe aggression and siege, and in support of the radical choices made by the Commander ,Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi.


The free women confirmed in the convoy statement that it comes in the context of rallying around the Qur’anic revolutionary leadership, advancing the Muhammadan approach in all its paths and stage options, and celebrating the anniversary of the birth of the Messenger of God, the Prophet of Mercy, Muhammad, may God’s prayers be upon him and his family.



The statement denounced the crimes of the Zionist lobby burning the Holy Qur’an and the American movements in the occupied governorates, the last of which was entering schools in the occupied Hadhramaut governorate.


The statement also praised the military displays presented by the armed and security forces and the continued valor of men on the fronts of pride, stressing the continuation of the path of the great defenders.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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