Yemen Reaffirms Principled Stance on Palestinian Cause, Vows Coordination and Escalation

The President of the Supreme Political Council, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Mahdi al-Mashat, renewed today Sunday the confirmation of Yemen’s principled stance towards the oppression of the Palestinian people. He stressed that there is coordination, joint operations rooms, positions, and the stances will continue, Allah willing, until the complete liberation of the Palestinian territory.

This came during a meeting of the Supreme National Committee to Support Al-Aqsa, which was held today under the chairmanship of President al-Mashat and was devoted to discussing the minutes of the committee’s previous meeting and what has been accomplished in terms of activities and tasks according to the outlined objectives.

President al-Mashat said: “From here, from the Yemeni Republic, there are positions, and positions will continue in escalating succession – Allah willing, stressing that our position in the Yemeni Republic is clear, which is to establish the Palestinian state over the entire national territory, full sovereignty. He confirmed the absolute rejection of what is called the 1948 borders and 1967 borders. All this is called normalization and settlement of the occupation. He confirmed that we in Yemen do not recognize 1948 or 1967, but rather a Palestinian state over the entire Palestinian territory, with full sovereignty, and this is the position of the Yemeni Republic.

He added: “We must be up to the responsibility and meet the aspirations of these people. The enemy knows this. There is no need for much through the media. The enemy knows this.”

He pointed out that the increasing suppression of our Palestinian brothers, which has occurred over the past years since the occupation began, and as a result of the excessive pressure, gave birth to this volcano and unleashed this flood, which was supported by all Islamic peoples.

He added, saying, “I say to our brothers in Gaza and in Palestine: everyone is with you, all peoples are with you, all resistance movements are with you, everyone plays their role with you. Do not underestimate any position, and positions will continue and escalate with you, step by step, until this fierce onslaught fails, which we see as an onslaught on Islam.”

Al-Mashat stressed that there are efforts, there is coordination, there are joint operations rooms, and we will continue in this. He emphasized that our proud Yemeni people, under the leadership of Sayyid Abdulmalik Badreddin al-Houthi – may Allah protect him – will move to support our people in Al-Aqsa, and will have the pioneering role, and will maintain this leadership, and will have the honorable role.

The President clarified that we are today in a reality whose headline is that there is no excuse for everyone before Allah. He pointed out that our people are burning with pain and anguish over what is happening on Palestinian land, and we must form a vessel to contain these energies from our free revolutionary people, who reject humiliation and colonialism, and are distinguished in it from the rest of the peoples.

The President said, “We formed the Supreme National Committee to Support the Noble Al-Aqsa, and we considered the attendance today and the meeting today as the inauguration of the work of this committee, which will move at the official and popular levels.”

He explained that everyone must move, officials in their circles within the framework of their responsibilities, and the people as well. There is a vessel within the Supreme Committee for Al-Aqsa to contain the energies of the Yemeni people and direct them for the benefit of the Palestinian cause, and this is what we all must do. There is no excuse for everyone before Allah and before this fierce onslaught in which all the leaders of blasphemy conspire against us.

War of Blasphemy and Islam

President al-Mashat said: “I consider it a ‘War of Blasphemy and Islam’. The war now raging in the land of Palestine, and I would like to draw the attention of those with limited political and intellectual awareness among Islamic and Arab politicians and intellectuals who were dragged into the propaganda that the battle is between Hamas and ‘Israel’. Hamas has the honor of being at the forefront, the war is bigger even than between Palestine and ‘Israel’. Now the war has become between ‘blasphemy and Islam’, if you will. And we saw at the beginning of this fierce onslaught how the blasphemous Western leaders, the leaders of America came one after the other in an attempt to restore morale to this fragile and declining entity, which means Western American solidarity with this cancer, which will disappear, Allah willing.”

He pointed out that there are honorable stances by the Islamic Resistance in Hezbollah in Lebanon. And whoever criticizes the position of the resistance in Lebanon in the face of the fleets standing off the coast of Lebanon by the blasphemous Western countries, we say to him: I challenge any man to dare to fire a single bullet in front of these fleets present. If it were not for Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, no one would dare to fire even a single bullet.

He added: “It is true that we are all falling short, we are all falling short of what we should be doing, but that does not mean that there is no position.”

He explained that the stance of the Islamic peoples is honorable, but they are powerless. He added that the flood has happened and will destroy everything built by the forces of occupation and global imperialism. He added that global imperialism brought this occupation to the Arab homeland, and in the geography of the Arab homeland there is no need for something called “Israel”. What exists on the map and on the geography of the Arab homeland is Palestine – for the people of Palestine.

He stressed that given all these events and developments, the least we can offer is a massive popular movement that will be adopted by the Supreme National Committee to support the Palestinian cause, to contain the potential, capabilities and energies of this people, and to operate and exploit official institutions, each from the position of their responsibility, to move to fulfill our responsibility.

American Threats

President Al-Mashat said: “Among the certainties is that the American threatens here with the return of war. No worries, the American tries to gesture and threaten that the war will return, and I think this is a disgraceful message for all the forces fighting, beside it, that they are slaves of the Americans, and now lackeys of the Jews.”

He stressed that there is no concern about any threats they may threaten with. The Yemeni people are ready and present, Allah willing, with full force.

The President also underscored the importance of supporting our Palestinian brothers and sisters. He noted that Western nations, led by the United States, have collectively responded to unarmed Palestinian civilians, most of whom are not armed, with disturbing crimes devoid of any humanity. All the slogans previously espoused seem to have been forgotten. He stressed that in light of these events, we have a religious, moral and humanitarian duty to take action and take a firm stance in support of the Palestinian people. Upholding human dignity and the basic rights of Palestinians requires the international community to help end the violence and find a just solution to the conflict that recognizes Palestinian self-determination and statehood.

قد يعجبك ايضا