International Red Cross: Humanitarian Situation in Gaza Deteriorating by the Hour

Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, Egypt’s renowned Islamic university and mosque, has called on Arab and Islamic governments to urgently provide aid to their brothers in Palestine and use their resources and capabilities to support and assist them.

According to the Palestinian News Agency WAFA, Al-Azhar said in a press statement that the Zionist aggression has committed all sorts of crimes including bombing hospitals, destroying mosques and churches, killing children, women, journalists and innocent civilians.

Al-Azhar appreciated the position of all the free people of the world who have not remained silent, condemned these brutal massacres committed in Gaza and demanded an end to the aggression.

Al-Azhar paid tribute to the Palestinian resistance and the innocent people of Gaza who are facing the fires of a terrorist army with their frail bodies and bare chests.

The Zionists-American aggression on the Gaza Strip continues for the twenty-fourth day, committing hundreds of horrific bloody massacres against civilians including children, women and the elderly.

In the same context, the ICRC’s regional spokesperson, Eman Al-Tarablisi, said the humanitarian situation in Gaza is deteriorating by the hour, and the ICRC and other institutions have only been able to deliver a fraction of the immense needs observed on the ground.

Al-Tarablisi said since last Friday until Sunday, the Red Cross has been able to bring in nine trucks of medical supplies and water sanitation materials in addition to an extra team to support existing staff including surgeons, weapons contamination specialists and water and sanitation experts.

She stressed the need to work on a sustainable plan to bring in aid commensurate with the dire needs faced by the population and strained essential sectors like health and water. Aid must provide real added value focusing on health and water but all sectors need assistance including food, basic supplies and safe shelter that preserves human dignity, she added.

“The brutal Israeli bombardment has intensified beyond precedent with northern Gaza razed to the ground and indiscriminate shelling of all areas leaving civilians no safe haven,” Doctors Without Borders said in a statement.

Despite a UN General Assembly resolution calling for a humanitarian truce, the relentless Israeli bombardment has continued. The organization called on the international community to take more stringent action to pressure Israel to stop its aggression, saying civilians are being killed, displaced from homes forcibly, water and fuel are running out, and the horrors in Gaza have reached unprecedented levels.

Medical supplies are running out in hospitals. Surgeon Mohammed Obaid who works with the organization described the situation a few days ago saying “Hospitals are overwhelmed with patients… Amputations and surgeries are performed without proper anaesthesia… The morgues are flooded with corpses.”

The Zionist-American aggression on Gaza continues since October 7 with intensive raids on the Strip and daily massacres killing more than 8,300 martyrs and 21,000 injured, 70% women and children. More than 200,000 housing units have been completely or partially destroyed, with electricity, fuel, food and water supplies cut off.

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