Palestinian Resistance Inflicts Painful Blows and Consecutive Defeats on Zionist Entity

The Zionist entity has suffered painful blows and consecutive defeats at the hands of Palestinian resistance fighters. Military experts confirm that the occupation army is imposing extensive media blackouts on its heavy losses, especially in soldier lives, in an attempt to maintain the remnants of collapsing morale among its forces and within the Zionist society that is now living in a state of psychological defeat and deep despair following the humiliating 7th of October defeat at the hands of small groups of Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas fighters.

The consequences and devastating effects on Netanyahu’s extremist government, which according to military experts and political analysts, is now desperately and frustratingly seeking any symbolic victory through committing heinous massacres against civilians, believing that such atrocities supported by the West led by America could restore some of its lost prestige and diminished deterrence.

The Hebrew media conveys testimonies of Zionist fighters participating in ground operations in Gaza implicitly speaking of the heavy losses inflicted on the occupation army at the hands of Palestinian resistance fighters and how they face ghosts emerging from underground who direct their effective blows to military contingents and equipment before disappearing in a flash and returning to their underground bases.

These testimonies published in the Hebrew media reflect the level of frustration and collapsed morale among fighters of the occupying entity.

The Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, announced yesterday the killing of a Zionist infantry force positioned inside a building northeast of Gaza Strip, as well as ambushing an infantry force behind enemy lines west of Erez, in addition to killing 3 soldiers from zero distance.

The Qassam Brigades said in a post quoted by the Palestinian Media Center, “Our mujahideen succeeded in destroying four vehicles with “105mm Yasin” shells and killing an infantry force positioned inside a building in Beit Hanoun.”

They indicated that the mujahideen “shelled the advancing Israeli forces in the Jahr Al-Dik area with mortar shells.”

This comes as Zionist soldiers participating in ground battles inside Gaza recounted the blows they are exposed to at the hands of Palestinian fighters, saying that “Palestinian gunmen emerge from tunnels, fire anti-tank missiles and then disappear.”

This came in the first of the testimonies conveyed by the Hebrew Walla news site from soldiers who participated in clashes and ground battles inside Gaza Strip, which killed 13 Israeli soldiers in one day, according to official statistics, while other sources confirm much higher losses than what the army announces.

The Palestinian resistance had announced its challenge to the Zionist army to be transparent and credible and declare the extent of losses inflicted on its defeated soldiers on the battlefield.

The soldiers said in their testimonies that the Palestinian fighters “come out of the holes (in the ground), fire an anti-tank missile or open fire, and go back into the tunnel, closing an iron cover and disappearing.”

They added: “There is a very large range of underground holes designed to hit us and hinder maneuvering”, referring to the ground incursion.

According to the news site, the testimonies of Zionist soldiers revealed that “the combat area in Gaza Strip is saturated with thousands of holes in the ground, leading to a branching tunnel network, allowing them to move from one area to another for miles.”

Earlier yesterday, the Zionist army announced the killing of 13 soldiers during the fighting raging inside the Gaza Strip since Tuesday.

Direct clashes and confrontations between the occupation army and the fighters of the Qassam Brigades intensified in several areas north of Gaza and at the Erez crossing separating the north of the Strip from the occupying state.

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