Yemeni Forces Shoot Down MQ-9 American Drone

In an unprecedented operation, the Yemeni Air Force has successfully downed a highly advanced American MQ-9 drone while it was conducting hostile activities and surveillance in Yemen’s territorial waters. This action is seen as part of Washington’s efforts to protect the Zionist entity.

The spokesperson for Ansar Allah, Mohammed Abdul Salam, described the downing of the hostile American drone in the territorial waters as a two-pronged achievement. The first shows the readiness of our armed forces to counter all aggressive operations that violate national sovereignty. The second confirms that our armed forces of their continued support for Gaza until the Israeli aggression stops.

The series of downing MQ-9 spy fighter drones dates back six years, when Yemeni air defenses downed the first drone of this type during its hostile activities in the skies of the capital, Sana’a, on October 1, 2017. The footage of this drone being downed was broadcasted, and this Yemeni military achievement shocked the American-Saudi aggression coalition. After this event, the operations of this type of drone were limited, while the downing operations in Yemeni airspace escalated.

The achievements of the Yemeni air defense forces in this regard have multiplied, with a total of “48 armed drones belonging to the US Air Force” being downed, in addition to the downing of 165 drones, both spy and fighter, which were conducting hostile operations in Yemen, according to what the armed forces announced in March 2023.

The steady progress of the Yemeni armed forces has not only secured Yemen’s land airspace, but today they announce the protection of the territorial waters’ airspace, thereby depriving the Americans of a significant card at the peak of their mobilization and defense of the Zionist entity after the launch of the Al-Aqsa Flood operation on the seventh of October, which humiliated the enemy’s army and revealed the myth of the “undefeatable army”.

The achievement of November 8th is not to be underestimated as it is the first in the sea, and just as the operation of October 1st was a turning point in countering the American-Saudi aggression on Yemen, today is another turning point and a new achievement in favor of Yemen and the axis of resistance against the Americans who are gathering in the Red Sea as part of the military support for the Zionist entity.

On the other hand, the downing of the “MQ-9” drone does not come within the framework of “the legitimate right of the Yemeni armed forces to defend the country and counter all hostile threats”, but it comes in the context of the ongoing confrontation between Yemen and the Zionist entity and the defense of the Palestinian people who are subjected to ethnic cleansing and brutal massacres with American bombs in Gaza.

Just as the Yemeni armed forces confronted the American-Saudi aggression coalition for 9 years, they are determined today to continue carrying out military operations in support and victory for the oppressed Palestinian people against the Zionist entity. As the United States was the first political and military supporter of the temporary entity, sending aircraft carriers and more than 51 barges, a nuclear submarine, and its missile systems to the region to protect the entity after the Al-Aqsa Flood that shook its pillars, Yemen was the first supporter of the Palestinian people, carrying out a series of bombing operations for targets inside the enemy entity with ballistic missiles, winged missiles, and drones, and today it confronts the American weapon without fear, but it drops it in its waters after it removed it from its lands.

It should be noted that the MQ-9 drone is a high-tech spy drone manufactured by the American company General Atomics for use also as a missile launcher in combat. It is used in the US Air Force and in the UK Air Force, and it has been previously used to strike Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

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