Hezbollah Intensifies Operations Against Israeli Forces

The Israeli army, attempting to portray a false victory in Gaza, faced a significant increase in Islamic resistance operations in southern Lebanon (Hezbollah) this week. This escalation has once again highlighted the reality of their defeat and inability, which they try to escape through propaganda.

Hezbollah’s Mujahideen continued their strategic strikes on Monday. They targeted various Israeli army locations along the border between Lebanon and occupied Palestine. For the first time, these areas have become a theater of operations.

Hezbollah’s military media reported the targeting of Zionist infantry in several areas. They used guided missiles near the “Branit” barracks and at the “Al-Zahira” site. They also targeted the “Al-Rahib” site. These attacks resulted in direct injuries and casualties within the Zionist army.

In response, the Israeli army asked residents of settlements near the Lebanon border to stay in shelters. They evacuated more than 60,000 settlers from these areas.

These strikes are part of an escalating operation that began on Sunday. It involved intensive targeting of the Zionist enemy’s human force and rocket launches by Palestinian factions in southern Lebanon at occupied settlements and cities.

The Zionist enemy has been living in great anxiety for the past 48 hours. They have tried to cover up their losses, announcing about 30 “Israeli” injuries. Observers believe this number hides a larger number of casualties within the enemy army and its settlers.

This anxiety quickly spread to the United States, the unlimited supporter of the Zionist entity. American and Hebrew media revealed that the American Secretary of War, Lloyd Austin, informed his “Israeli” counterpart that the United States feels the occupation entity is “provoking” Hezbollah. He asked him to avoid escalation steps in the southern Lebanon front, as it could lead to a comprehensive war.

Experts confirm that Hezbollah has so far only used a small percentage of its power. This leaves the initiative on the field of operations entirely in their hands. Any threats from the Zionist entity or the United States are of no value. It is clear that the effective means of pressure are in the hands of the resistance and its leadership in Lebanon, not the enemy.

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