The seventh operation: The armed forces launch a batch of ballistic missiles at targets in the Zionist entity, including “Eilat”


Posted on November 14, 2023

We will not hesitate to target any Israeli ship in the Red Sea or any place we can reach

The Armed Forces announced, Tuesday evening, the launch of a batch of ballistic missiles at various targets of the Israeli enemy in the occupied Palestinian territories, including sensitive targets in Umm al-Rashrash area, “Eilat.”

The official spokesman for the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, explained in a

statement that the launching of ballistic missiles came only 24 hours after another military operation that we carried out with drones on the same Zionist targets.

The Yemeni Armed Forces confirmed the start of taking all practical measures to implement the directives issued regarding the appropriate dealing with any Israeli ship in the Red Sea, adding that they will not hesitate to target any Israeli ship in the Red Sea or any place we can reach, starting from the moment this statement is announced.

The Armed Forces also confirmed that their operations against the Israeli enemy will not stop until the Israeli aggression against our brave brothers in Gaza stops.

The enemy media reported today about the sound of very violent explosions in Umm al-Rashrash, “Eilat,” in southern occupied Palestine.

They also talked about the activation of “Hatz” system to intercept ballistic missiles over Umm al-Rashrash, “Eilat,” while the Israeli enemy’s broadcasting authority confirmed the firing of a ground-based missile. – Land from Yemen towards “Eilat”.

The enemy Israeli army also claimed to intercept a missile in Aqaba Sea region. Video clips spread today showing missiles in the sky of Eilat, and a video clip showed an explosion in the mountainous area overlooking Eilat.

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