Hezbollah Retaliates Strongly against Israel after Tel Aviv’s Killing of Al-Mayadeen Journalists

The Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah has retaliated strongly against the Israeli regime over Tel Aviv’s fatal targeting of journalists belonging to Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television network.

The retaliation took place on Tuesday following the Israeli regime’s killing earlier in the day of al-Mayadeen correspondent Farah Omar and camera operator Rabie al-Memari, who were reporting on violence along Lebanon’s border with the occupied territories.

“In a resolute response, the resistance carried out a series of 10 intensive operations targeting Israeli sites and bases,” Lebanon’s al-Manar television network reported.

The network identified some of the targets hit during Hezbollah’s response as a force affiliated with the Israeli military intelligence on the outskirts of the al-Manara settlement, a gathering of enemy troops within a residence in the Avivim settlement, the Beit Hilal military base, the Jal al-Deir site, the al-Malkieh site, and the vicinity of the Notoa settlement.

The targets were hit with missiles, including surgical strike ones, al-Manar said, reporting affliction of some casualties among the enemy’s ranks.

Earlier in the day, Hezbollah had released a statement, pledging reprisal over the regime’s killing of the journalists.

“We assert that this aggression and the accompanying martyrdom of fellow citizens will not go unanswered…,” it had said.

The Israeli regime has been waging sporadic attacks on southern Lebanon since October 7, when it launched a devastating war against the Gaza Strip. The Israeli attacks have sparked a firefight between the regime and Hezbollah.

More than 14,000 Palestinians have been killed in the brutal Israeli war against Gaza, which the regime started after an operation staged by the territory’s resistance groups that killed some 1,200 Israeli settlers and military forces.

According to al-Manar, Hezbollah’s Tuesday operations were also meant as “a show of solidarity with the steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip…[and] a robust endorsement of their courageous and honorable resistance.”

Source: Press TV

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