Yemeni Media Union condemns Zionist killing of Al-Mayadeen TV journalists

The Yemeni Media Union (YMU) condemned  the Zionist enemy’s continued targeting of media crews in Palestine and southern Lebanon, as the occupation forces today targeted the Al-Mayadeen Channel crew, leading to the martyrdom of two of them, the journalists, Farah Omar and Rabei Maamari from Al-Mayadeen TV and a civilian, Hussein Ali.

In a statement issued on Tuesday , the YMU expressed its condolences to the families of the two martyrs and the Al-Mayadeen Channel crew regarding the martyrdom of colleagues and declared its solidarity with Al-Mayadeen Channel, which is being subjected to continuous violations by the Zionist enemy, starting with closing the channel, confiscating its equipment, interrogating its crew in Palestine, and directly targeting its crews.

“The Zionist enemy’s continued targeting of the channels will not affect the truth pursued by Al-Mayadeen Channel, and no matter how much the enemy tries to silence it, his attempts will fail due to the workers’ belief in the sincerity of the Palestinian cause. What the media professionals in Palestine and southern Lebanon are subjected to is a real war against freedom of opinion and expression and an attempt to hide the crimes of genocide committed by the Zionist enemy against our brothers in the Gaza Strip,” the statement read.

The statement added, “The media message carried out by Al-Mayadeen Channel and the Resistance Axis channels represents a threat to the policy of the arrogant powers of “US and Israel” and reveals their schmes that target the security, unity, and stability of the Arab and Islamic peoples and plundering their wealth under a supportive media cover that obscures the truth and spreads rumors for the benefit of the arrogant powers.

The YMU called on all international media outlets and international organizations to declare full solidarity with Al-Mayadeen Channel and its crew, and all media professionals working in Palestine and southern Lebanon are subjected to daily violations of harassment, persecution, and direct targeting.

It also called on all international media outlets and international organizations to take an active role in revealing the truth about the Zionist entity and trial it before international courts for its crimes and violations against media professionals.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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