Information Ministry condemns Zionist killing of Al-Mayadeen TV journalists

Information Ministry condemned the Zionist enemy’s targeting “Al-Mayadeen Channel” crew, which led to the martyrdom of the channel’s correspondent, Farah Omar, and the photographer, Rabei Al-Maamari, while carrying out their media duties on the Lebanese border with occupied Palestine.

The Ministry confirmed in a statement issued by it that the approved Zionist bombing Al-Mayadeen Channel crew was preceded by many attacks and systematic targeting of media crews, journalists, and their families in the occupied territories, which led to the death and injury of dozens.

It pointed out that targeting media professionals are war crimes that contradict all international norms and laws, as these crimes come in the context of the Zionists’ efforts to silence free voices and obscure the truth about the war crimes and genocide committed against tens of thousands of civilians in Gaza Strip and the occupied territories.

The Ministry pointed out that the Zionist entity had previously banned the broadcast of Al-Mayadeen Channel and confiscated its office equipment in occupied Palestine, in a clear targeting of all free media channels and platforms that oppose the American-Zionist project and support the oppression of the Palestinians and the nation’s issues.

The ministry expressed her condolences and sympathy to the families of the two martyrs, Al-Mayadeen Channel, and all the families of the martyrs, members of the free media in Palestine, who were targeted by the American Zionist aggression while they were in the field to cover the enemy’s crimes and violations against the Palestinian people.

Information Ministry called on Arab and international federations, unions, and media outlets to condemn and expose the systematic targeting of journalists , media outlets by the Zionist entity and expose it to global public opinion.

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