The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon targets a number of Israeli sites and soldiers’ concentrations

Published on November 19, 2023
Ansarollah website – Follow-ups

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon announced the targeting of multiple gatherings of Israeli enemy soldiers near Al-Marj site, in Ramim forest, and around Honin barracks, on the Lebanese-Palestinian border.

The Islamic Resistance also announced that its mujahideen targeted the “Yifthah” barracks and the “Al-Malikiyah” site with appropriate weapons, noting that there were casualties in them. As for the Israeli “Al-Abad” site, the resistance confirmed that it targeted it with guided missiles and hit its technical equipment.

The resistance had announced the targeting of enemy positions: Al-Marj while the occupation was carrying out maintenance work in Ramia, Jal Al-Alam, “Hanita – Tabuzina,” and Al-Jardah point.

In addition to directly targeting enemy positions and ambushes in Khallet Wardah. It also targeted a gathering of occupation personnel and vehicles near the Metula site, with appropriate weapons.

Colonel in the Zionist enemy’s reserves, Kobi Merom, commented on the escalation on theه Lebanese-Palestinian border, describing it as “a war of intense attrition at a high pace with many incidents occurring every day.”

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