Inauguration of martyr’s anniversary memorial activities in Sa’ada

The Governor of Sa’ada, Muhammad Awad, and the head of the Martyrs Foundation, Ahmed Jarran, inaugurated, today Sunday, the events and activities of the martyr’s anniversary by visiting the shrine of the martyr leader, Sayyed, Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, in the Maran area.

During the visit, along with the Secretary General of the province’s Local Council, Muhammad Al-Emad, the governor’s agents and advisors, and the directors of the executive offices, Governor Awad pointed out the importance of the martyr’s anniversary in order to draw inspiration from the sacrifices of the martyrs and lessons learned from their lives and heroic stances.

While the governor’s agent, Abdullah Al-Manbahi, reviewed the stages of the stage in which the martyr leader moved and the Qur’anic project that he presented and baptized with his pure blood, as well as the path that the martyrs took, enlightened by the Qur’an and its guidance.

He pointed out the importance of following the path of the martyrs who were chosen by God ,who were truly fine examples of the great Qur’anic project, and following their example in their giving, effort, and patience with God Almighty.

قد يعجبك ايضا