A former Zionist official: Yemen, with its location and missiles, constitutes a strategic threat to “Israel”


Published on November 26, 2023
Ansarollah website – Follow-ups

The Zionist entity continued to express its growing concern about the Yemeni threat to its security and stability at the current stage and in the future, in light of the armed forces’ assurances that the targeting of “Israeli” ships will continue until the aggression against Gaza stops.

The former head of the National Security Council of the Zionist entity, Giora Eiland, said in statements to the Hebrew Channel 12: “The problem with the Yemenis is their location in the narrow neck of the Red Sea in the southern part of it, and this is a bigger problem than missiles.”

He added that “for Israel, Yemen represents a real strategic threat,” noting that the United States of America “does not care about this matter as much as it should, but rather it seems that it prefers not to fight.”

He said: A big problem will occur if the Yemenis decide to “stop every Israeli ship,” noting that this threatens the possibility of continuing sailing from the Red Sea to “Eilat.”

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