Israeli newspaper: The threat to ships owned by “Israel” is not an empty threat


Published on November 27, 2023

An Israeli newspaper shed light on the operations of the Yemeni armed forces against Israeli ships and their effects on the entity, acknowledging that the threat to ships owned by “Israel” is not an empty threat.

The Israeli economic newspaper Globes reported that Israeli ships sail around Africa instead of the Red Sea to avoid what it called “Houthi” attacks.

It pointed out that maritime transport prices from China to Ashdod increased by about 14% due to the attacks from Yemen, stressing that maritime traffic in Israeli ports is witnessing a greater delay than usual due to the launching of missiles.

The newspaper explained that the shipping company (MSC) reported traffic jams at the entrance to the port of Ashdod, and other companies diverted ships to the port of Haifa.

It pointed out that the costs of security measures and the high insurance rate led to an increase in container shipping prices on international shipping lines leading to “Israeli” ports.

Globes newspaper confirmed that attempts to move Israeli ships away from the Yemeni coast in Bab al-Mandab Strait are doomed to failure, because the “Houthis” possess advanced naval capabilities, including a helicopter fleet and naval commando forces.

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