Forbes Hebrew website: “Israel” is exposed to actual and unprecedented threats from Yemen

Published on November 30, 2023
Ansarollah website – Follow-ups

Hebrew “Forbes” website said that intelligence officials had warned for years of the increasing danger posed by the “Houthis” in Yemen, anticipating an escalation in the confrontation on the entity’s southern front.

Recently, Hebrew press has intensified talk about the dangers and actual threats coming from Yemen against the occupying entity, which have increased with the barbaric attacks of the Israeli entity on Gaza Strip.

The Forbes website added that more than a month after the war, the Houthis carried out the threat to Israel, when they launched cruise missiles, and drones in its direction.

It explained that it launched five cruise missiles, each loaded with hundreds of kilograms of explosive materials, in addition to about 30 drones, each carrying a 40-kg warhead, in a joint attack, noting that the target was strategic facilities in the port of “Eilat” and the complex of crowded hotels.

It stressed that “in many ways, the series of air attacks directed against Israel from the south were unprecedented – in terms of the scope and diversity of the tools used in the attacks, the possibility of precise destruction, and in the scope of the attack, which is considered the furthest ever, and, according to the site, it is no less Important about the actor behind this whole process.

The website indicates that Ehud Yaari, the chief commentator on Arab affairs on the Hebrew channel News 12, has been following the “Houthis” over the past decade. He has been warning for many years that the “Houthis” in Yemen will develop and become a version similar to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

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