Israeli Enemy Media: Yemeni Threat Poses Strategic Risk

Israeli enemy media covered Yemeni threats on Saturday evening, focusing on the prevention of ships heading to Palestinian occupied territory ports through the Arabian and Red Seas. Yemen’s Armed Forces affirmed their commitment to enforce this measure should Gaza’s urgent needs for food and medicine remain unmet.

According to Al Mayadeen, Tamir Hayman, the former head of intelligence in the occupied entity, labeled the Yemeni threat as a severe concern for Israeli national security, specifically calling it a “significant threat to Israeli maritime navigation freedom.”

Hayman detailed the potential impact of Yemeni threats on Israelis, particularly regarding increased living costs. He also highlighted a growing audacity from Yemenis, reflecting a heightened stance against Israeli actions.

Meanwhile, Nir Dvori, a military commentator on Israel’s Channel 12, emphasized Israel’s attempt to communicate the global nature of the Yemeni threats to the United States. Israel aims to stress that addressing these issues should not be the sole responsibility of Israel but a shared concern for all.

Dvori emphasized the potential global impact on maritime trade routes due to Yemeni threats, underlining the necessity for a collective global approach rather than an isolated Israeli response.

Economic analysts from BDO, represented by Lehenn Hertzog, expressed concern about the Yemeni threat’s potential economic implications on maritime shipping to Israel. He highlighted the substantial annual volume of goods imported into Israel, 70% of which come by sea, amounting to approximately 400 billion shekels.

Hertzog outlined three levels of impact from the Yemeni threat: heightened insurance costs for maritime transportation, redirected shipping routes causing extended travel times and increased expenses, and foreign shipping companies avoiding Israeli ports due to risk mitigation and insurance limitations.

Earlier on Saturday, the Yemeni Armed Forces cautioned that without the necessary aid reaching Gaza, ships passing through Yemen’s waters en route to occupied territories could become “legitimate targets.”

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